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Buying a Portable Pet Carrier
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Buying a Portable Pet Carrier

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Buying a Portable Pet Carrier

Taking your pet on vacation can be stressful, but a great pet carrier will make the process much easier. Buying a carrier that is comfortable and durable, will make traveling a breeze, and will keep your dog happy and safe. These bags can be machine washed and air dried for ease of care. To keep your new carrier clean, consider purchasing a bag with a breathable mesh design and wash instructions. Some bags even come with an optional reinforced handle or shoulder strap.

When buying a pet carrier, make sure that it is soft-sided for airlines. Hard-case carriers may not be measured by airline staff, so be sure to choose one that can be wiggled down on the handle. Ensure the weight of the carrier bag is less than the total weight of your pet. Several airlines have a weight limit on pet carriers, so make sure yours is within the cabin limit. However, if your pet is close to the limit, consider the weight of the carrier bag.

Pet carrier bags are also available in various sizes and styles. Smaller carriers are typically soft-sided and are the most popular option. Some are even approved for under-seat travel. To make sure that your pet can fit comfortably, check the manufacturer's specifications. If your pet is larger than average, you might want to consider a larger carrier. If you're not sure which size is best, you can always buy one that fits your pet.

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