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Customized Slow Feeder Interactive Chewing Non Toxic Rubber Bite Resistance Durable Chewing Toy
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Customized Slow Feeder Interactive Chewing Non Toxic Rubber Bite Resistance Durable Chewing Toy

Designed with attractive ball physique.The Screwy Ball is selecting the top grade non-toxic natural rubber as material. Stand up to all kinds of aggressive ch ewing.The spikes attaching on the twisty layer is able to provide all-round clean for teeth and massage gums.The deep groove allow the Screw Ball to be insert snacks and used as a treat ball too. Provide hours of enticing solo play.
  • BKF169
  • Bake Rubber

1. Natural rubber dog toys provide a safer alternative than real sticks. The simulated dinosaur egg satisfies the pet's natural urge to chew. The durable and realistic  shape makes your pet easier to recognize, has a positive connection with the dog, and reduces their anxiety and boredom.

2. It can withstand a long game time, is safe and non-toxic, sturdy and durable. With an attractive  shape, it can arouse your dog's interest and provide chewing satisfaction.

3. The indestructible dog chew toy is suitable for most pet dogs. The perfect dog tooth chew helps your dog clean its teeth, keep the chin strong and massage the gums, and effectively promote oral health through chewing. It also helps reduce discomfort during teething.

4. Built-in sounding whistle, the dog will make a sound when it bites. The fun sounding design and your training whistle can easily train your pet while having fun.

5. With food leakage function, the tooth-like gap makes it easier for you to add food. Add food for the dog to it, let it eat and play, puzzle food leakage to cooperate with your training, so that the dog can easily have fun. Heaven instead of venting extra energy on your furniture.

Key Benefits:

  1. Made of non-toxic natural rubberwith a soft texture.

  2. Release dog's desire to chew.

  3. Great way to keep dogs entertained and prevent boredom.

  4. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

  5. Meet FDA/ASTM standard requirement.

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PRODUCT NOTE:No dog toy is indestructible.a nd every dog interacts with it's toys differently.Supervised play will go a long way to help your dog's toys last longer.

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1.Model Type:Feeder toys

2.Size: 85*85*87 mm

3.Net weight: 241 g   

4.Material: Non-toxic natural rubber

5.Optional color:Red/Bule/Green/Yellow(Or customized)

6.Optional flavor:Beef/ Bacon/ Peanut/Cream

7.Packing: 1 pcs/tag , 100 pcs/carton


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