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Dog Toys Worth Buying
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Dog Toys Worth Buying

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Dog Toys Worth Buying

Recommended cost-effective dog toys worth buying in 2022

Since raising a dog, I have bought a lot of toys for dogs, and I have seen a lot of dog toy recommendations. Looking at the vast number of toys, I don’t know what to buy for dogs. Some people say that you get what you pay for, and some toys are bought back. I don't know if the dog is not interested or too interested. Some are not only expensive, but also not chewy, and they go bad in less than an hour.

Personally, I feel that the most important criterion for pet toys is the degree of bite resistance. Of course, in addition to the degree of bite resistance, you can also refer to the price and function. The following combined with past experience, recommend some cost-effective dog toys.

                                                                                                Chewing Toys

The benefits of pet toys

Of course there are many benefits

1. Can relieve separation anxiety or stress in dogs

In fact, what a dog needs is the company of its owner. Even if it is a ball, it will be very happy to have the company of its owner.

2. Can meet the needs of dogs to grind their teeth

3. Can develop dog intelligence

Although I watched the video of other people's dogs being able to pick up takeout, I was very happy that I could teach the dog from nothing to understanding the basic commands of squatting, standing and walking. This also virtually develops the dog's intelligence level!

4. Make your mood better. Watching the dog play is very happy and healing!

How to choose pet toys

The difference and classification of pet toys

Develop athletic ability and guide intellectual development

1. There is a certain connection between dog toy hobbies and breeds. There are great individual differences in dogs. For example, some dogs like to play with balls, while others like to play with plush dog toys.

To make the dog grind his teeth, you can use some nylon toys or chewy toys woven with twine. Darts are more suitable for outdoor interaction and can exercise the dog's hunting instinct very well. Note that when choosing items such as molars, do not choose too small, if the dog accidentally swallows it, it will easily block the intestines.


Bone toys

2. You can observe the dog's personality, whether you are more interested in static or dynamic toys, and choose to play alone or interactive toys. When you are young, you can consider buying some slightly  ball toys for your dog. Dogs in this period like to bite and bite. Ball toys can well mobilize the dog's motor function and make the dog fully exercise to promote muscle and bone development.

interactive treat dog toys

Recommended pet toys

1. Balls

Balls are a favorite for any dog who loves moving toys. Buying tennis balls online and playing the game you throw and pick up with your dog is the most cost-effective option, no one! It should be noted that the tennis ball has no elasticity after being bitten, and the dog does not like it! Environmentally friendly and bite-resistant E-TPU ball toys can make up for this shortcoming.

tough chew toys for dogs

2. Knot chew toys

Dogs love to bite everything they see when they are grinding their teeth. Of course, they need to buy some wear-resistant toys. So I bought the knot toy and the interactive chewy tension ring, which is much better than your average plastic, durable chew toy.

plush dog toys

3. Dart toy

Darts are also a very suitable toy for dogs, especially golden retrievers and border collies, so they need a lot of exercise. Buying a dart can not only train them, but also consume their physical strength, so darts are very practical for large dogs. But not all dogs are suitable, for example, some small dogs are not suitable, it is best not to let them play such strenuous exercise, it is easy to bone.

funny dog toy

4. Bone toys

In order to grind the dog's teeth, I thought of buying some bone-shaped chew toys for the dog, so that the dog can stop chewing things, grind his teeth, and use it as a toy.

wear-resistant toys

5. Plush toys

I feel that the dog is too lonely, and the plush toy is a good choice to accompany the dog. It can not only play, but also be a companion.

toys for bored dogs

Summary: Balls, bone toys, whether it is a large dog or a small dog, are all choices that can't go wrong. You can get what you need! ~

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