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Is Rubber Dog Toys Safe?
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Is Rubber Dog Toys Safe?

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Is Rubber Dog Toys Safe?

One of the most popular types of rubber dog toys is the Jive ball. The colorful and bouncy Jive ball is made of tough rubber that's easy to throw.  It's also a fun way for your dog to play fetch, and it smells like banana! And if you're worried about your pup getting sick from playing with it, you don't have to!

Another common concern is toxic chemicals in rubber dog toys. Even plastic dog toys may contain melamine, a corrosive chemical that can be harmful to your pup. Luckily, rubber dog toys are made from rubber, which is safe for dogs to chew. Those toxins can be harmless if your dog has the right environment. However, be aware that not all rubber toys are safe. You can't be sure which ones are safe unless you check online reviews.

The first step is to check for safety. You can learn about a particular toy's manufacturing process by reading the manufacturer or product recalls.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Pet Products Association can also provide you with this information. For older toys, you can go to the EcoCenter, but this won't help you with newer toys. And while this resource can be helpful, it won't help you find the most suitable toy for your dog.

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