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Different types of dog toys
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Different types of dog toys

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Different types of dog toys

There are different types of dog toys. There are many types, including functional, occlusal, grasping, functional, and vocal. Within these categories, there are different materials: rubber, plastic, cloth, plush, rope, etc.

Different functions, different materials, there is knowledge in it:

Sound type: squeaking sound toys are generally made of rubber and plush materials. There are also plastic ones of poor quality. Do not buy plastic quality ones. Dogs like to bite things. Biting those inferior plastics produces heat release toxicity. Although the impact is small, it is always uncomfortable to think about.

111.... 混色青蛙

This rubber sounding toy is completely enough to play.

Fetch class:

The fetch class is actually for some dog breeds who like fetching. Generally speaking, retrievers like fetching the most. It's balls and frisbees. This kind of toy can be thrown very far, one can fly and the other can bounce, which is very good for consuming the dog's energy, but it needs people to play with it.


Treat Dispenser Toys:

Treat dispensers are functional and can be used to develop slow food and solitude in dogs.


Just play and play, you can miss some food, and the more you play, the more fun you will be, and you will find ways to get the food out. The advantage is that it can cultivate the puppy's ability to be alone. The disadvantage is that if the training is not good, it may lead to the situation of protecting toys.

Type of bite:

Molar sticks and rope toys belong to the occlusal category.


On the one hand, this kind of toy can clean the dog's teeth, and on the other hand, for the puppies in the period of teeth replacement, it can relieve the itching caused by the teeth replacement. Cotton rope has a disadvantage, it is easy to bite the thread and accidentally eat it, so try not to play with knotted ropes for large dogs. Rubber toys are their best choice.

The above are toys of different types and materials, which are basically covered. In fact, the best playmate for a dog is the owner. It is better to spend more time with your dog than to play with it with any toys. Of course, frisbees and balls are the best for shit shoveling officers and dogs to play interactive games.

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