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Nylon VS Rubber Dog Toy
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Nylon VS Rubber Dog Toy

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Nylon VS Rubber Dog Toy

There is a new popular material for pet toys. We call it "E-TPU", a foam. For high performance footwear, seating, sports, auto parts and more. Now we have developed a series of E-TPU toys for pets.

This is a boomerang dog toy, it is E-TPU mix rubber dog toy. BAKE was the first manufacturer to combine natural rubber with high E-TPU for dog toys. Boomerang 342*150*20mm, weight about 224g, suitable for medium and large dogs. We add the dog paw element to it. Look at the three-dimensional dog paws, cute and interesting.

This toy is great for dog chewing, fetching, tossing and water play is a relief dog bark toy. It can not only meet the daily exercise needs of dogs, but also enhance the relationship between people and dogs.

Unlike single-material dog toys, the tough rubber and soft E-TPU give dogs a different chewing sensation than dogs that get stuck while chewing.

This boomerang is perfect for outdoor activities, just like a normal children's toy. It's not heavy. It can be thrown very far and then the dog loves to chase and get it back. It is perfect for dogs who like to exercise. Dogs can have plenty of fun with exercise.

It is also an interactive toy. We take one end and let the dog pull the other end. The dog is excited and enjoys the toss game.

Boomerangs are especially suitable for water sports. E-TPU makes it lighter than water. E-TPU colorful rubber dog toy, so it can float well in water.

Summer is just around the corner and dog woners can play with their dogs in pools, lakes and seas. Well, imagine you're standing on an amazing sandy beach and you're playing a game of fetch and toss with your four-legged friend; you're going to play a game in the sea with your dog. What a perfect dog toy!


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