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Playful Dirty Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys
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Playful Dirty Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys

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Playful Dirty Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys

Check out the must-have toy categories for dogs!

Check out some of the toys your dog loves!

First of all, I think toys are needed, which can relieve the dog's daily anxiety. When no one is playing with the dog, it can be alone through the toy~ It seems that it takes a long time to pick a toy!

1.Plush toys 

Advantages: dogs like it very much;

Use toys to replace cloth products at home, and appropriately avoid dismantling the home;

The big puppet can be used as a pillow, or as a playmate to sleep with.


The sharp teeth of dogs are easily torn apart

It is easy to generate garbage, and the bitten thread, cotton, etc. are scattered on the ground, and need to be cleaned from time to time;

Dog saliva on the toy is easy to stink and needs to be cleaned regularly. These toys are not easy to dry out.


If you want to buy a plush toy that dogs like, you can choose coarse cloth material, which is heavier, grinds teeth, and is resistant to bite. Especially those with hard edges are not easy to bite.


This octopus chew toy is made of crystal super-soft composite sandwich mesh, and all eight legs contain rattle paper, which makes noise when rubbed, attracting the attention of dogs; the head does not contain cotton padding, which avoids the trouble of being difficult to clean; the surface is irregular The texture can massage the dog's teeth, it is a good tooth cleaning dog toy

2. Rubber toys


Rubber toys are resistant to bite, basically not bad

If it gets dirty, wash it with water and it dries quickly

No extra rubbish, generally won't bite


The level of liking varies from dog to dog, can't bite easily


I think rubber toys are relatively clean and easy to take care of. It is recommended to choose a better material, which is easier for dogs to like

You can choose some designer dog toys wholesale and soft chew manufacturers. This type of product has certain advantages in price, material and style.

3. E-TPU ball toys


Most dogs like to play with balls. They are interactive and playable. E-TPU dog toy balls are generally not bad.

It is easy to clean, waterproof, can float on the water, and can play interactive entertainment games with dogs


    The ball is easy to slip to the corners, so be prepared to help pick it up


    Large dogs like balls very much, and the regular size can be bitten in the mouth. In addition, it is recommended to buy dog leash animal toys , dogs will It's not easy to roll away with the rope in hand


4. Hard molar chewing dog toys


Is the best boredom killer for dogs

High hardness for teeth grinding, a power chewing dog toy for extreme chewers

Has a smell that dogs like


Items that are too hard can easily hurt your teeth and are not suitable for biting too long


   These types of toys are too hard and can wear down the teeth a bit. Therefore, it is not recommended for items that are too hard. You can choose rubber mixed nylon dog toys. This combination can better protect the dog's teeth.


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