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Why Do Dogs Need Chew Toys?
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Why Do Dogs Need Chew Toys?

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Why Do Dogs Need Chew Toys?

Why Do Dogs Need Chew Toys?

Dogs are active, in order to make them less boring, many owners will make or buy some toys for dogs to play with. The kinds of dog's favorite "toys" are cheap and affordable. Have you prepared them at home?

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1. Plush toys

Individual dogs like plush toys, especially squeaky dog toys, especially puppies who have just arrived at their new home. They will look for something to rely on because they are afraid, and the owner is giving it a doll to make it feel at ease. Some dogs have to be held even when they sleep, just like a child, they look very cute. The same doll should also pay attention to cleaning and drying, so as to reduce the production of parasites.



2. Rubber squeaky dog toys

For dogs, non-toxic dog toys are the best option. With a crunchy bite, the dog is easily excited, and the size is just right for the dog to bite.


3. Old slippers you don't wear

In fact, the dog bites shoes, probably because it smells the smell of its familiar owner, maybe it is the period of grinding teeth, and boredom will be relieved by biting shoes.

Faced with a dog who likes to make trouble at home, take it out to exercise more every day to meet the amount of exercise, and it will not be so noisy.

Cute Beagle puppy

4. Toy ball

Play dog toys, dogs like round and rolling things, so all kinds of balls are their favorite. Owners can buy some dog-specific toy balls, which are durable and relieve the dog's boredom.

Dog toys should be hygienic and cleaned regularly, which will be safer and cleaner.


5. Interactive retrieval of toys

For energetic and exercising dogs, retrieve toys are their favorite toys. Dogs such as border collies and Labrador retrievers can not only train but also consume their physical strength, which is the best. Toy.

But not all dogs are suitable for playing this game, such as corgi and little Teddy, because the bones are too fragile.


6, Molar stick

When dogs are born 3 months to 6 months, it is the period of changing their teeth. They will always want to find something to bite because of their uncomfortable teeth. If the owner is unprepared, there is a high chance that the bitten will be furniture.

It is recommended that the owner buy some chewing toys for it, such as molar sticks. For daily snacks, you can also choose chicken jerky with moderate hardness, which is delicious and nutritious.


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